Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I do

What do I do (but not in terms of a job)?
Props to you, Jenni, these posts are really making me think!
Let's see here....
I read.
Oh gosh, do I read! Since I was really young, few things make me happier than diving into a new book. I've finished 200+ page books in one day, just because I couldn't tear myself away. I'll put it this way: if I could read all day and get paid for it, I would!
I love.
Justin, my family, my friends, animals...the list goes on and on. I feel so lucky to have all these people I care so much about. And animals, well that's just a given. I'm always cooing over other people's puppies and kitties. The day we're able to get a pet will be an awesome one, that's for sure.
I nap.
Sometimes there's nothing more soothing than napping for an hour or so. I'm not sure why I'm tired so often, but on my day off there's almost always a nap involved. It's like hitting a reset button, and when I wake up I'm much happier.
I workout.
A new part of my routine lately has been working out. Going for walks, doing ab challenges, and the Tone It Up routines. I have to push myself to do it sometimes, but I'm always glad I did. I'd eventually like to get into running too.
Speaking of working out, I need to go do that now!

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  1. Love this! I feel like i just got to know you a little bit better :D


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