Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to the 90s

The 90s were a pretty sweet time. To be honest, I like the 80s more, but I was only around for what, 3 years of it, so it doesn't really count.
Anywho, as I was doing the dishes after work today (how interesting, right?), I found myself humming an old tv show theme song, which is what gave me the idea for this post.
And so, here are some things you probably haven't thought of since the 90s.
The best thing to ever happen to Friday nights! Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters...so many good shows. Btw, the song I was referring to above? The Family Matters theme. I wish that show was on Netflix, I'd SO watch it!
Skip It
It was my goal in third grade to master this. I saw other girls at recess who could keep jumping for pretty much the entire half an hour. Me, I was lucky to last 5 minutes.

That lovely, slimy, whatever it was that came in blob-shaped container and smelled oddly good. Think Play-Doh, but different. It was fun until dropped on the floor, and then it would get covered in dirt and filth. Or someone would step on it and it would get ground into the carpet. Sorry mom!

Spice Girls
I was obsessed with them in fifth grade! I was part of a group of five girls, and we each decided who we would be when we 'put on our concerts'. I always had to be Sporty, despite my lack of athletic ability. I wanted to be Baby, but I wasn't blonde. Around this same time there were countless viewings of 'Spice World', and to this day I still remember how disgusted I was when the spy popped his head out of the toilet. And yes, I do, own the movie. Don't judge me!

Giga Pets
I had a baby t-rex and I loved that thing! We couldn't have them in class so I had to feed it and clean up its poop at recess...lol. If I ever find it, I'm so putting in new batteries and bringing it back to life.

Sooo delicious! Like the dessert version of those cheese and crackers with the red stick. I've discovered that birthday cake Oreos taste scarily similar, try them and you'll see!


  1. hahaha....ah the 90s....I don't think I miss them as much as you. But skip its were my thing! loved mine to death (literally).

  2. Yessss! Great post! God I lived for the Spice Girls.

    Your new follower,
    Nestled in Nostalgia


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