Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sunday Currently #3

Good morning everyone! It's morning for 2 more minutes here, so it still counts. ;)
Time for another edition of The Sunday Currently linkup with Lauren!
Justin and I getting our picnic on in the park yesterday!
Reading: the newest issue of Glamour and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Writing: Just this post
Listening: to Rules of Engagement, it's Justin's new favorite show and it's pretty hilarious
Thinking: about the baby shower I'm going to for my cousin's wife later this afternoon. Time to look at cute baby things!
Smelling: nail polish, just painted my nails neon pink
Wishing: that I had another day off tomorrow. These nice, sunny days make me want to be outside!
Hoping: the books I ordered come in the mail this week...I may have completely nerded out and bought two official Bones books...don't judge me!
Wearing: pink polo shirt and a black skirt
Loving: my sweet fiance, got to spend the whole weekend with him :)
Wanting: I wouldn't say no to a cheeseburger right now, that sounds pretty dang good!
Needing: see last answer. Any food really
Feeling: relaxed, gonna hang with my mom and sister for part of the day
Clicking: the Home board on my Pinterest, I can't wait to decorate our new apartment when we many ideas!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Four Sites I Check Daily

Happy Tuesday all! It's time once again (I sound like a cheesy game show announcer) for Tuesday Topics, where I link up with Lauren and Tiffany!
Today are the four sites I check daily.
1. Bloglovin'. I know, how shocking! But I love me some blogs. Gotta know what's going on with all my favorites.
2. Google. I'm always looking up random things. Lately it's been information about my newest obsession, Bones. If haven't already been watching it, get thee to Netflix, you'll thank me. It's soooo addicting.
3. Etsy. We're on the hunt for wedding invites and there are so many pretty custom ones! It's so hard to narrow it down.
4. Twitter. Similar to Bloglovin' in that I love to know what everyone's up to. Also, I can tweet at friends if I don't feel like texting them.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Sunday Currently #2

It's Sunday again, and time for my weekly linkup with Lauren!
reading: just about done with Sharp Objects! 
writing: this post :) 
listening: to Justin playing Injustice: Gods Among Us 
thinking: about what a relaxing day it's been 
smelling: nothing really 
wishing: that we could move into our new apartment now. I can't wait for us to live by ourselves!
hoping: it'll be a good week at work 
wearing: fleece and yoga pants
loving: being able to spend the morning at Starbucks with Justin, reading and sipping our coffee
wanting: to see flowers outside! In the meantime, I might get some fake ones from work. I'm thinking yellow tulips would be pretty.
needing: honestly, I can't think of anything! Other than I would like a few more items of spring clothing, but that's more of a want than a need ;)
feeling: content, it's been a good day so far
clicking: my usual reading list of blogs...gotta stay caught up! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Five Childhood Pictures

I've found a new linkup that I'm pretty excited about! It's called Tuesday Topics and is hosted by Lauren and Tiffany.
Today's topic is Five Childhood Pictures. I have a virtual goldmine to choose from since my sister posted a ton of old photos on her Facebook.  Let's see what I find....
 My sister and I riding in our boat laundry basket. I'm the one in pink.
Trying to look like movie stars....while also pretending to smoke. Classy.
Modeling my Steve Urkel pants. And my sister could fly.
I was obviously up to no good, and trying to hide it by looking sweet.
That hideous shade of pink...those ruffles...this was my idea of 'pretty' at age 7.
Oh the good old days!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Sunday Currently #1

Linking up with Lauren for this post!

 reading: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I read her newest book, Gone Girl about a month ago and loved it, so I decided to check out her other work. And guess what, this one is just as good!
writing checks for bills that need paying. The joys of being a full-fledged adult.
listening: to Justin's workout playlist. I think I've succeeded in getting him hooked on pop music! 
thinking: about how I need to have breakfast for dinner more often. Cheerios and orange juice, don't mind if I do!
smelling: rain, it makes everything smell amazing.
wishing: that my hair would be highlighted for free, without me having to do anything. I don't trust myself to do it, but I don't want to pay $$ either.
hoping: that we find a house to rent soon. The one we wanted didn't work out, so we're back to hunting.
wearing: sweats and a hoodie, comfort is key on Sundays. 
loving: my new polos from Aero. Haven't had any since high school (that would be 8 years ago, for anyone who's keeping track) but today I suddenly decided I wanted to wear them again!
wanting: warm spring weather, not this weird 40 degree stuff.
needing: I'm actually pretty content at the moment. Give me some snuggles with my man and I'm a happy lady!
feeling: Relaxed. And like I need to get back to my book when I'm done with this.
clicking: this site, because I'm a nerd who can literally spend hours reading about urban legends.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two posts in a week...say what?!

 (no, this photo is not the least bit relevant to anything, but isn't it terrifying?!)

I know, I'm shocked too! But I usually catch up on my reading while my hair is drying, so I figured why not write something instead. Such a novel idea, aha!

So yesterday at work I had to take TWO written tests. One about cashiering and one about ordering. I passed both, but good grief, I'm glad I only have to take them once a year. I was reminded that math is definitely still a problem for me. Blah.

On my way to work today I'll be dropping off our application for a house we're looking to rent. I really hope it works out, it's super cute AND the landlord allows pets! So we could finally get a dog or cat! I don't think I can express in words how exciting this is to me! Fingers crossed all goes well with the application.

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's finally spring!

I never thought I'd see the day! Winter was dragging on for far too long. Now all we need are some flowers!

In other news:

~ Justin and I have set our wedding date for September 28th! So, so excited! Next on the agenda is figuring out invites. I have my eye on a few possibilities on Etsy, so we shall see!

~ My old car gave out, and I am now the proud owner of this!

It's taken some getting used to, going from a car to an suv, but I'm in love!

~ I just discovered the tv show Bones on netflix yesterday and oh my word, addicting. Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?! I like how each episode is a new mystery to be solved, and Bones/Temperence is such an interesting character. I'm hoping to find out more about her in later seasons. Oh, and of course I want to know if her and Booth ever get together! ;) No spoilers though please!

Alright, I'm going to go do some yoga and then get ready for work. Have a great week everyone!