Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How wise

For Day 8 of the linkup with Jenni, we're all sharing advice.
I don't really have one major piece of advice, but rather some little tidbits that I feel are helpful/useful to know.
Some of these are from personal experience, others I've learned secondhand. I'll let you guess which ones are which. :)
1. Don't paint your nails ten minutes before you need to leave for work. You will get nail polish all over everything, and then you'll be mad.
2.  If you hated how a certain hairstyle looked on you five years ago, it's not going to look any better now. Same for certain hair colors.
3. Don't drink your mother's wine with some of your high school friends and then try to disguise it by filling the bottle back up with food coloring and water. She will notice.
4. Stepping on Legos may be the most painful thing ever, and is to be avoided at all costs.
5. Always flush spiders and other bugs down the toilet after you kill them, just in case. You don't want it to come back to life and climb out of the garbage, do you?
6. Naps are one of life's greatest gifts, take them whenever possible.
7. Sometimes the only way out of a bad mood involves a sugary snack.
8. Stop worrying so much about what other people think.
9. If you see a light-up button on an outlet in a bathroom, don't press it, you might get electrocuted.
10. Just keep swimming.


  1. great idea for a post! :) x

  2. Just keep swimming. Love it! This list equally cracked me up and informed me.

  3. One time this guy I was dating was behaving like a douchecanoe and I shouted, "YOU ARE SUCH A JERK. I HOPE YOU STEP ON A LEGO. A REALLY, REALLY POINTY ONE."

    I may or may not have been drinking.

  4. Stepping on Legos is the worst!!! I still remember finding them with my foot in the dark when I was little! Ouch!


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