Friday, May 3, 2013

The expert of....hmm

So for the next linkup here, I'm supposed to educate you all about something.
I thought to myself, what do I know a lot about?
And then it dawned on me...taking leisurely baths.
(If the photo below is what bath time looks like for you, consider me jealous.)
So I bet you're wondering how I became such an expert at baths?
Well, practice makes perfect, and considering I take at least 3 baths a week in addition to my daily shower, I think I'm getting pretty good at it.
First, run the water. It should be hot, but not insanely so.
Unless you're me, in which case your fiance will dip in his toe and proclaim it feels like lava.
This means it's perfect.
Add the bubbles. Extra points if they're the kind that turn the water fun colors.
While the water is running, gather your reading material and something to drink.
Baths are the prime occasion for reading celebrity trash magazines like In Touch and US Weekly. How else are you going to know if LiLo went to jail again or Amanda Bynes got even crazier? Exactly.
Pour some yourself a drink (I like moscato myself) and head to the tub.
Sink in and zone out for a good hour or so.
And that, my friends, is where I'm headed now.


  1. Sounds fantastic, I wish my tub was a tad bigger to make baths more comfortable.

    1. I still wish I had the tub in that picture!


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