Sunday, May 5, 2013

One of my faves

Quotes. Picking a favorite is really a challenge for me, I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to them.
So when I had to choose one for this linkup, I decided to go with one that's relevant to my life lately.
It took me a long time to acknowledge this, but it's so true. I used to have some friends who were all about image. They were seemingly perfect all the time and from the outside, it looked like their lives were charmed. It turned out they weren't such good people, and were quick to judge anyone who wasn't like them. It's not true friendship if you have to constantly censor yourself, to do and be the right things all the time.
I'm extremely grateful that in the past few years I've made a few true and genuine friends. We don't have to be doing anything cool or impressive, we just have fun and enjoy being together. We listen and try to help each other when problems arise. Isn't that what friendship should truly be?
Long story short, I'm a lucky gal.

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  1. Love this quote. I've been feeling the same way recently.


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