Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two posts in a week...say what?!

 (no, this photo is not the least bit relevant to anything, but isn't it terrifying?!)

I know, I'm shocked too! But I usually catch up on my reading while my hair is drying, so I figured why not write something instead. Such a novel idea, aha!

So yesterday at work I had to take TWO written tests. One about cashiering and one about ordering. I passed both, but good grief, I'm glad I only have to take them once a year. I was reminded that math is definitely still a problem for me. Blah.

On my way to work today I'll be dropping off our application for a house we're looking to rent. I really hope it works out, it's super cute AND the landlord allows pets! So we could finally get a dog or cat! I don't think I can express in words how exciting this is to me! Fingers crossed all goes well with the application.

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