Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Five Childhood Pictures

I've found a new linkup that I'm pretty excited about! It's called Tuesday Topics and is hosted by Lauren and Tiffany.
Today's topic is Five Childhood Pictures. I have a virtual goldmine to choose from since my sister posted a ton of old photos on her Facebook.  Let's see what I find....
 My sister and I riding in our boat laundry basket. I'm the one in pink.
Trying to look like movie stars....while also pretending to smoke. Classy.
Modeling my Steve Urkel pants. And my sister could fly.
I was obviously up to no good, and trying to hide it by looking sweet.
That hideous shade of pink...those ruffles...this was my idea of 'pretty' at age 7.
Oh the good old days!



  1. Replies
    1. Amazing what kids come up with, isn't it?

  2. Oh lord, I think my parents had that SAME flooring in our first house! And Steve Urkel... he was the BEST! New follower here that cant' wait to look around more! Hope you stop by and follow back if you like what you read!

    1. That's too funny!! Gotta love how much brown decor seemed to be going on in the 80s. And following you back now!

  3. aww, so cute!! i love the photograph of you guys in the basket :) x

    1. Thank you! :) I'm surprised my sister and I didn't try to drag it out to our pool to see if it would float!

  4. The basket pic is my fav too :D Thanks for linking up!


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