Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello Box!

I signed up for the May Hello Box over at Pink on the Cheek and I'm so glad I did! The idea was to be matched up with another blogger who has similar interests and get to know them, help with blog things, and send each other a little something in the mail.

I was introduced to Rachel from My Wholesome Home, who has become one of my closest blogging friends! I've enjoyed guest posting for her and having her on here to meet you all as well. She is seriously one of the nicest people I've known from blogging :) It actually makes me kind of sad that she lives so far away; we'll never actually meet in real life. But blogging friends forever! Oh yes, and she sent me these lovelies in the mail...

So much awesome stuff, I'm gonna have a spa day after work one of these days with all of this! And the Vegas magnet is displayed on my fridge, along with the pretty peacock card.

Thanks for everything this past month Rachel, I'm glad to have met you!! :)

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  1. Never say never. I'm in the military-you never know where you'll end up! And I loved getting to know you too :D


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