Saturday, November 10, 2012

Something dirty

I've never been one of those people who can decide what they're going to wear the night before. However, I may have to change my ways after what happened Thursday morning.

What, you may be asking?

While taking my shower, I was pondering my outfit for the day. I had decided on a dress, therefore I would need tights, which were on the drying rack in the basement. 

No problem, I thought to myself. Justin and the roommate are both at work, so I'll just run downstairs real quick like and get my tights.

Our basement isn't finished, so no way am I going down there without something on my feet. Never know when there may be a stray spider that needs stomping.


I was putting my shoes on and happened to glance out the window. 



Oh, just a squirrel, peering in my window at me IN MY UNDERWEAR!

I had caught this little guy red handed. Or is it red pawed? Either way.

I knew there were squirrels around. In fact, there is a rather cute baby squirrel that hangs out in our front tree. 

But this one was clearly not a baby. 

This one was a peeping Tom!

That dirty scoundrel!







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