Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guess what I did today?

I finally got to see Moonrise Kingdom!!!
 I had to wait forever, but the movie finally got here and I loved it!
I'm going to be honest, this is the first Wes Anderson film I've ever seen....I know!
Seeing as I liked this one, I'll have to watch his others.
Also, it probably isn't going to surprise anyone, but other than the storyline my favorite aspect of the film was most definitely Suzy's wardrobe. 
I mean, just look at these dresses!

Seriously, I need these dresses!
On that note, I'm off to scour Etsy and Modcloth for something similar. 


  1. I want to see that so so bad! I love Wes Anderson!!

    Her dresses are to die for. I'm pretty jealous...I wish they weren't mostly $80 on Mod Cloth for similar styles.

  2. It's so good!
    And I know, the dresses are so expensive...but so pretty! It's times like this I wish I knew how to sew.


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