Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've seen this post on various blogs over the years but have never done it myself....until now! (I don't remember exactly which blogs, sorry!)

Obsessing over: Going for walks at night. It's been WAY too hot here lately...like 103 degrees hot. But when it's not I love walking with Justin around our neighborhood. I especially like spotting adorable dogs and cute babies...I just might have a touch of baby fever ;)

Working on: Making my little blog more attractive! I know next to nothing about html so I'm really limited on what I can do. I would love a custom design but feel like I can't really justify it when I'm pretty much the only person who sees it.

Thinking about: finishing reading Valley of the Dolls, I'm almost done. I wish the movie was still on Netflix because I would enjoy watching it again. Movies with era-specific outfits are my favorite, and this one is the epitome of 60s fashion to me...so many pretty outfits!

Anticipating: doing some shopping with my sister this afternoon. Payday, why are you still three days away?! I need my new clothes fix!

Listening to: the Best Coast station on Pandora....right now the song is Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear. I've never listened to them before and I'm enjoying it.

Drinking: So far I've only had water today, but I would love some coffee or soda.

Wishing:  That Justin and I were already married :) We're already pretty much there; we live together, pay bills, talk about everything, etc. 


  1. Thanks for coming and visiting my blog. I am follower number 3. Learning html can take hours of time, but is satisfying when you crack it. I am just trying to remember the sites which I used to learn all of the different parts. Alternatively, have a scout around for people who are just starting out in blog design. They have some good 'starter' rates as they are just starting out. There are a couple of my blog pals who spring to mind (I'm NOT on commission, I promise!)



    Well, even if you don't check out their designs - they have super blogs of their own and are lovely.

    Rosie xx

    1. Also, Anja (who I mentioned on my blog yesterday) has compiled a list of links to tutorials where you can self teach yourself around the different design elements.

      R xx

  2. I'm new here, BUT I love going for walks at night! Living in Georgia it's incredibly hot during the day, but thankfully a breeze picks up at night.

  3. i have been dying for a ginger ale ALL DAY!


  4. Rosie- thank you so much for the links, I will definitely check them out!

    Benlovesting- thanks! :)

    Chelsea- I've never been to Georgia, but I've heard it's beautiful!

    Jes- Ginger ale DOES sound amazing right about now!

    Jessica- why thank you :)


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