Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Justin and I at lunch on Sunday
Thinking about- How happy I will be when it's the weekend again. I have to get my taxes done on Saturday (boooring) but then I'll have plenty of time to do whatever! 

Reading- the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris...I wasn't sure I'd like these books, but I've been borrowing them from my friend Amanda and now I'm hooked! I'm on the seventh one (All Together Dead) and don't want the series to end

Listening to- Muse, Lumineers, and maybe a little Taylor Swift now and then.

Looking forward to- Our friend Kristin is having a baby girl in July and Justin and I are going to be godparents! I can't wait to have a little niece to babysit and spoil. It'll be good practice for when we have one of our own in a few years.

Watching- Lately it's been Gilmore Girls. I never actually watched the show when it was on tv, but it's so good! 

Making me happy- how it's finally getting dark outside later, hearing birds singing, neon colors, pretty nail polish, my hair getting longer, Crest whitestrips, reading in the bathtub every night, statement necklaces, ordering things online and cupcakes.


  1. oh my gosh!! You totally reminded me that i have to do my taxes this weekend too! Seriously, I need to be a grown up and get that taken care of. I hope you have a great weekend after that :D


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