Monday, August 27, 2012

Jewelry Swap!

Today I'm here to show you what I got in the jewelry swap I participated in, sponsored by Melissa of The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife!

I actually received two pieces of jewelry; on the left is an orange link bracelet and on the right is a flower necklace! I love them both and am searching for just the right picture to put in the middle of the flower!

This is the card that came with it :) Thank you so much to Jess of Mish Mashed Mama for sending these lovely pieces to me!

I'm very happy to have participated in this swap and can't wait for the next one!


  1. Love the bracelet- cute colors!! The lady who actual sent it was Chene from! I noticed you changed your blog url, since you filled out the form so hopefully she sees you in the link up! thanks for linking up!

  2. Stephanie!
    Thanks for sending me the great bracelet! I can't wait to wear it proudly - it's everything I love - bling leather, and a statement piece! I'm you're newest follower - can't wait to catch up with your blog!

  3. Hey Stephanie! I sent you the bracelet & necklace...I got to the post office with the package all wrapped up & THEN remembered I forgot to include my blog address! Oops. :)

    I'm glad you like them :) I hope you find the perfect picture for it!

  4. I've seen so many people participating in this! How did I miss out. So sad. I need to hit up the next one. So, so cute.

    Newest follower from the GFC hop!

  5. Melissa- good to know, thanks!

    Jeni- I'm glad you like it! :)

    Jess- no worries, thank you for both items!!

    Erin- next time :) following you back!


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